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ASA/Aces Certification
Here is a quick run through of the ACE Coaching Certification program and how one would become certified and achieve the highest level of ACE Certification The first step to complete for any coach who is attempting to become certified using the ACE Online System is a profile lookup. If you are an existing coach who is coming to the site to complete another level of certification your profile should be located and you should be able to continue from the position that you left off. For example if John Doe has completed ACE Levels 1 and 2 in an ACE Clinic through his State or Metro association, when he looks up his profile the system will recognize this and make ACE Level 3 available for purchase and completion. Coaches can get their member ID number from an ID card produced through For the system to properly find your a coaches profile, you must enter your information (i.e. member ID, first name, last name and date of birth). If you are a previously registered coach and the system does not find your profile properly, DO NOT create a new profile. Instead, contact the ACE Administrator at the ASA National Office. The administrator's contact information can be located on the ACE Website under the Contact ASA tab. The cost for ACE Certification is as follows: $25.00 for Level 1; $20:00 for all other levels. If you have never registered with ASA you will need to create a new profile before you begin the ACE certification program. 1. Create a user profile and save login info you can do this every year!!!!! It will ask you to provide an email and it will verify that an account is not already created and if you can not remember your login you can have a password reset. But if you go in and create a new account you will not be able to transfer anything from old acct to new. So you would have to start over with level 1 of the testing. 2. there is a link to click on This link will be where you get all the info on FBI affidavit, criminal background check and child abuse clearance. ALL three need to be complete and uploaded to your ASA coach profile page. If you already have them that is great just upload the certificates. Once uploaded, the ASA will review and approve can take up to 24-48 hrs. At this point you will be able to purchase the ASA coaching certification test and the ASA will perform an additional background check which can take 1hr to 48 hr. After that is done you can proceed to taking the ASA coach certification. New 1st year will take level 1. The test will be approx. $25.00 and take about an hour You will watch short clips of video and then have to answer a few questions Every year after you will watch different videos and learn new things from the ASA website. Please print the copy of receipt and or email to [email protected] for reimbursement. 

NOTE: Newly enacted laws by the state of Pennsylvania have changed the risk management process for ALL volunteer coaches.

Required clearances are as follows:
For those who have lived within PA for more than ten years:
PA State Police Criminal Record Check Online Form : Click Here
PA Child Abuse History Clearance Online Form : Click Here
Volunteer Qualification Affidavit (PDF): Click Here

For those who have lived within PA for less than ten years:
The above three clearances plus the following clearance.
FBI Criminal History Report Online Pay Portal ($27.50): Click Here

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